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Frequently Asked Questions
What are uPVC Roof Sheets?

UPVC Multilayer Roofing Sheets is a modern rigid three layer Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC) roofing sheets. The advanced technology of manufacturing ensures superior quality and performance of the roofing product. This uPVC is the best replacement for conventional asbestos, metal G.I. sheets, fiberglass sheets, ceramic tile sheets.

What are uPVC Tile Roof Sheets

UPVC Tile Roof Sheet is a modern rigid  Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC) roofing sheets with ASA color coating to ensure lonf lasting color. The tile roof sheets look alike clay tiles which gives traditional look.

Do uPVC roof sheets provide heat insulation?

The heat conductivity efficiency of Dion uPVC Roof Sheet is 0.07W/(m.K) which is 1/6 times more coefficient than cement roofing sheet and only 1/2200 times more coefficient than that of 0.5mm thick colour steel sheets

Do uPVC roof sheets provide sound insulation?

One of the functions of Dion uPVC roof sheets is sound insulation and noise reduction. The core layer of uPVC anti-corrosion and heat insulation roof sheet makes noise rubbed in the core layer and decays. The sound of rain can be absorbed by the uPVC roofing. 

Life Of uPVC Roof Sheets?

Long life span and Durability of Dion uPVC Roof Sheets

The main factor that homeowners consider are longevity and durability. UPVC roofs have been found to last for 40years. 

what are the steps to be followed for uPVC Installation?

Only Precaution to be taken is purlin span.

Thickness – Purlin Span

2 MM         – < 2 Feet

2.5 MM     – < 2.5 Feet

3 MM         – < 3 Feet

3.5 MM      – < 3.5 Feet

4 MM         – < 3.5 Feet


Are uPVC Roof Sheets Anti-Corrosive?

Excellent Non Corrosive.

Resistance to water, acids, alkalis, salts and solvents corrosion. 100% protection against harmful U.V. radiations.  

Are uPVC roof sheets fire and electric proof?

Yes! uPVc roof sheets are fire retardant and electic proof. they dont conduct electricity through them, which makes them best during thunderstorms.